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Guide to free software to filter sites

Written at 2012-01-29 02:09:38

Guide to free software to filter sites


This software filters network Web sites are 
In addition to the software to filter content control mechanism when the filter level you want

First download the software From here 

After I lowered my the software button pressed the Setup

Button pressed to continue installation

We get to this screen vnlhtz the I agree to the terms of the installation

The next screen next button pressed

This software is installed on a computer screen where

Here we will have to enter an installation password software

 Button pressed to get a license

Our website software 
In the last name listed in the image name and the family does not have real 
Email must be true that to send you password software

Here it seems that the operation was successful

However, email is sent to you and you write down your password

Here you enter the password you received by email

Select the blank password logon software places
Choose a password you can remember to make changes to the software
Such as: changing the filtering level and remove software from your computer if you want it more

Click on next

And click Finish
Then the software will ristrt the computer for the changes to take effect

Now the software is installed on your computer
A pleasant and safe surfing

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