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Cancel that software on your computer

Written at 2012-01-29 02:12:17

Before we turn to the time it is important to emphasize, you do not know and not know to handle

And you disable the check, because it can cause problems on your computer.!


Go to your Start menu, select start-run, run!Where you arrange the following command: msconfig

!Click OK:


Opens the next window you
:The name you are tab startup
Suspended v programs you don't need


I, for example, I turned off as you see the sign that will be with your computer.

It is important to again emphasize that if you do not know and not know a certain program, do you disable the Hoi away
This can cause problems on your computer.


After you changes pressed: apply
and then the-ok

Then he will ask you if you would like to restart the computer,
You can click Restart your computer, or run the later


windows XP while the computer will restart it will give you another window, where you have checked the DVD name!!Vtrshmo that you will display the message again.

Good luck

* Written by I-L team, All rights reserved

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