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Software Guide-ccleaner

Written at 2012-01-29 11:23:58

Software Guide-ccleaner

 First try to download the latest software From here

After I lowered my the software button pressed the installation

The selected installation language

We get to this screen and click Next

Here is where we want to install the software

It is recommended that you select only what we we checked and click install

Now the software is installed on your computer and click Finish

On the desktop we created this icon, it opens it

The software will open the screen, and to analyze

Now the software scans your computer

After we will scan files that can be deleted from your computer

Removal of these files is safe and free up space on your computer

Temporary files created during browsing

The next window is selected to run the cleaner

Now go to the window you'll see on the left side of the registry called the picture

And the scan for issues

The software scans your computer from unnecessary

For example, when you install software and remove it so remain its tracks

The software scans your computer and cleanses him these trails

After scanning is selected the correct selected issues
!Opens a window and not

This window is selected to fix all selected issues

Then I selected OK

And bark to close

It is recommended that you activate the software at least once a week

* Written by I-L team, All rights reserved

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